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What is this?

This is a demo of some things you can do with webRTC.

What it does
  • First, it uses AngularFire to connect to a real-time Firebase database to get a list of users on this page
  • Then, it uses a service called PeerJS to simplify and abstract away some of the details of creating an RTCPeerConnection to ever other person viewing this page
  • Then, using that RTCPeerConnection it establishes a RTCDataChannel w/ each peer, enabling communication of arbitrary data (in this case chat messages and file uploads)
  • Then, using navigator.getUserMedia it asks you to caputure your webcam and it also establishes a p2p video connection with every other person viewing this page
  • It uses that video connection as the "live" avatar next to your name in your chat messages
  • When you send a chat message or upload files, it sends it directly to each peer connected. no messages, files, or video ever go through a server
TL,DR: video/text chat & p2p file sharing using no servers (except to get a list of who's online) and no plugins (no flash)

Read the Source on github. If you have any questions email me at my github username at gmail.

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